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    What is Rowing?

    Rowing is an outdoor sport on a body of water that requires both physical and mental strength.

    Rowers sit backwards to the direction they are rowing in a narrow shell and use oars to propel themselves and the boat over the water.  Rowing uses many muscles in the body, including the legs, back and core.  

    Rowing can be a great workout for any age and the technique is a natural motion that can be learned quickly. It is a low impact sport that is easy on the joints, aids in joint and muscle mobility, and can help reduce stress due to consistent and rythmic motion, along with enjoying the outdoors.


    The Tillsonburg Rowing club was established in the early 1980's, with the club’s founding families, the Gibsons and Parsons along with the support of the Kinsmen Club of Tillsonburg; former national rower Kubet Weston; the Pinter sisters Julie and Sue; and long-time club executive Al Almas.

    The Tillsonburg Rowing club is located in Tillsonburg on Lake Lisgar.  Lake Lisgar has about 600m of open water for rowing therefore you will see rowers circling the lake many times during practice.  Lake Lisgar is open to the public for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and mini sailboating.  Lake Lisgar is home to many wildlife that live there year round such as turtles, fish and waterfowl, and also waterfowl that stop in while migrating for the winter.

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